Application for Thai Passport

To apply for Thai passport, an applicant is required to appear at the Royal Thai Embassy in person.
The processing time is approximately 4-6 weeks (pending on production process in Thailand)
Application fee is 300 NOK (280 NOK for passport + 20 NOK for relevant endorsement) and can only be paid in cash.

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Documents required for an adult (20 years of age and above)
1 Valid Thai National ID Card (if invalid, please contact the Embassy for ID renewal) and 1 copy
2 Copy of Thai House Registration
3 Current passport (In the case of a lost or stolen passport, a police report (in English) is required ) and 1 copy
4 Copy of name or surname change (if applicable)
5 Copy of Marriage or Divorce Certificate (if applicable)


Documents required for minors (under 20 years of age)
1 Thai Birth Certificate and National ID Card (if applicable) and 1 copy
2 Copy of Thai House Registration of minor and parents
3 Valid Thai National ID card of parent’s and 1 copy
4 Current passport of parent’s and 1 copy
5 Copy of parent’s Marriage Certificate or Certificate of child custody


Both parents of a minor are required to be present to sign the consent form.
In the case that the parent (s) is (are) in Thailand, a letter of consent may be signed at the Department of Consular Affairs or at the District Offices.

In the case that the parents of the minor are divorced, only the parent with custody rights is required to sign the consent form.

Those applicants who will not be able to collect the passport by themselves, the Embassy can send them via post. Please prepare a self-addressed air bubble envelope (size 20 x 27 cm) with  210  NOK postage stamp include track number from Posten.