Letter of Power of Attorney.

Thai nationals who live in Norway can contact consular officers to witness the power of attorney to manage these following missions (Please contact Amphoe in Thailand before coming to the Royal Thai Embassy if Amphoe accepts a letter of power of attorney at all).

  • Affirmation of freedom to marry.
  • Name change request.
  • Middle name request.
  • Surname change request.
  • A request to make a copy of the certificate of name or surname change.
  • A request to make a copy of marriage certificate, marriage registration, divorce certificate and divorce registration.
  • Edit information in household registration documents, such as birth certificate, death certificate and house registration etc.
  • A letter of Power of Attorney to make a passport for your children in Thailand.
  • A letter of Power of Attorney to apply for a visa for your children in Thailand.
  • A letter of Power of Attorney regarding real estate transactions.
  • A letter of Power of Attorney regarding banking transactions.


Thai applicants MUST bring these original and valid documents together with a copy of each of them (Bring one copy per one application/request. If applicants want to apply for 2 applications/requests, bring 2 copies of each kind).

Applicants MUST personally come to the Royal Thai Embassy.

  1. Thai I.D. card (also bring one copy per one application).
  2. Thai House registration (also bring one copy per one application).
  3. Thai Passport (also bring one copy per one application).
  4. A request form, คำร้องนิติกรณ์.
  5. A letter of Power of Attorney, provided at the Royal Thai Embassy.


Fee: 120NOK (Cash only, please bring the exact amount) per one verification/stamp.

Processing times: 2 working days (after the fee is paid).

NOTE: If an applicant wants to have documents mailed back , a self-addressed stamped A4 size envelope with sufficient postage (250NOK of stamp with tracking number from Posten to be send as a registered letter) MUST be included with the applications.

The Royal Thai Embassy is NOT responsible for a lost parcel or envelope.

For visa application and other consular services.

Walk in visiting hours for visa application and legalisation of documents: Monday – Friday, 09.00 – 12.00 hrs

Enquiries and appointment for other consular services should be made via email: thaivisa@online.no

Telephone enquiries: +47 2212 8669 (Monday – Friday, available only between 13.30 – 16.00 hrs.)