Children of Thai nationals who are born in Norway have the right get a Thai birth certificate at the Royal Thai Embassy by applying. If your children is half Thai and Norwegian or other nationalities, your children can hold Thai nationality and nationality of their foreign father or mother until the children reach age of 20.

Applicants have to make appointment via e-mail at

Required documents:

  • A birth certificate (fødselsattest), MUST in English, from local register office (lokal folkeregister kontoret).

Afterwards, you must take the birth certificate to the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for legalisation, click here for more information Legaliseringer.

  • A birth report (fødselsmelding) from the hospital where your child was born. It must contain name of the child’s mother, date, time of birth, the child’s weight at birth or other certificates from the hospital containing these information. If you do not have a birth report, you must bring ‘‘EPIKRISE’’ from the clinic.
  • One copy of I.D. card and one copy of house registration of the child’s mother.
  • A marriage certificate (vigselsattest) from Thailand or from Norway. If the applicant does not have a marriage certificate and the child uses the surname of the father, the applicant must include the father’s letter of consent (Only in Thai), download here บันทึกสอบปากคำบิดา.
  • One copy of the child’s both parents’ passport.
  • House registration(bostedattest) in Norway of the child’s both parents.
  • One picture of the child, size 2’’ x 2’’

Please Note: If an applicant wants to have the documents mailed back, the applicant MUST bring an envelope of size A4 (Write full name of applicant and address on the letter) and 250NOK of postage stamp in order to send it as a registered envelope.

The Royal Thai Embassy is NOT responsible for a lost parcel or envelope.

For visa application and other consular services.

Walk in visiting hours for visa application and legalization of documents: Monday – Friday, 09.00 – 12.00 hrs

Enquiries and appointment for other consular services should be made via email:

Telephone enquiries: +47 2212 8669 (Monday – Friday, available only between 13.30 – 16.00 hrs.)